Welcome to Sos4pet

Call on the spot

Anyone who finds your little one wandering would know how to reach you immediately.

Know what to do

Anyone who finds your little one would know how to take care – this could save your furry ball’s life.

NFC ready

sos4pet can be read by any smartphone on the spot with NFC enabled

Remote access

Remote access to your little one’s cloud medical record

Attractive price

It comes in a super attractive price without having to take your little friend to the vet to register and/or to read its chip.

sos4pet is a simplistic, low cost id badge that can literally save your little one’s life. It contains all the vital information someone would need to know in order to reach you in case your furry ball gets lost or runs away scared.

More importantly, sos4pet id badge can host any additional vital information (such as your furry ball’s allergies, chronic conditions, and is also linked to a full, cloud based, pet’s medical record, a “digital health passport”.

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Our little ones are so much more than just pets.

How it works

  • Step One

    Get in our online store and place your order.
  • Step Two

    Get your sos4pet id badge delivered Once unwrapped, mark the serial number and visit the user’s webpage at www.sos4pet.com. Push the button “USER LOGIN” and at first login use its serial number to fill the NFC all fields(3). It is recommended to change your name and password for maximum security.
  • Step Three

    Through your personal account you can now register all the info you wish (pet’s photo, pet’s name, pet’s address, your mobile’s contact number, medical records, etc.)


“Welcome to the new era – the age of technology and for our little friends – the digital health folder for dogs and kittens!
  • How many times have you been extremely worried when your little one escaped the open gate? Even those of you who have registered with the classic electronic microchip haven't asked yourself ... if someone actually found my dog would he take the time to take him to the vet to read his identity? And what if it is on a weekend when most vets are not available?
  • So, what if there was a ‘badge’ that could be read by anyone? What if it had not only the dog's name and a telephone but also a photo of him? And your address, the name and phone number of his vet, his age and any medications he is taking or even his allergies?
  • Then yes, you would be calmer because the chances of you reuniting with your pet are much higher.
  • And what if with this badge could actually store your dog or cat's full medical record on the cloud and safely access it from anywhere? Vaccinations, tests, any treatments they have undergone?
  • That's what Aratos Group's new online pet’s health record offers. A seemingly simple 'badge' but capable of storing large amounts of data on the cloud such as photos, addresses, telephones and medical records.
  • And more importantly…sos4pet id badge can be read by anyone with a simple touch of a smartphone with NFC enabled.
  • For more details visit Aratos Group website or consult your veterinarian. ”